Denver, Also Known as a Mile High City

Apartments in Denver CO

Denver, also known as a mile high city, is a beautiful and valuable capital of Colorado State. It has a vibrant downtown area with a lot of population which love to live in Denver as it is already ranked as Beta world city.

This capital city also holds the best existing city record according to a report due to some features and attractions. Due to these importance points, people prefer to live in Apartments in Denver Co. Followings are few attractions description.

Malls of Denver:

There are many different malls with totally different and attractive appearance in Denver, and the most famous mall is found in street 16. You can find a bulk of facilities at one single place like dining, shopping, full spa, theater, etc.

The most famous malls are Denver Pavilions, Cherry C reek Mall, Park Meadows Mall and Colorado Mills.

Red Rocks Country Club:

Red Rocks is a golf club located in Jefferson country. It offers a mountain style golf course with the far reaching view.

Denver Art Museum:

Denver has an art museum which is made up of two styles of architecture. One structure is like the fortress, and it is from Italian architect, Gio Ponti & the other one resembles a titanium crystal, designed by Daniel Libeskind. You can see the largest collection of American Artwork and also other art objects. Not only American but you can find European artwork also. This museum is a great place to visit in Denver.

U.S. Mint:

Have you ever seen the process of coin creation? If not then here is the best place where you can see the process of coin creation in U.S. Mint. In this place, 50 million coins are made per day, and each coin got a stamp of D which means this coin in made in Denver. A special group is made to see the process of coins making every week.

History Colorado Center:

For people who love to learn the history, there is a center named History Colorado Center in Denver.

It is a newest cultural attraction for all ages about a history of Colorado state design to ignite imaginations.

Pedestrian Mall – 16th Street Mall:

Pedestrian Mall at 16th Street is one of the biggest Mall in Denver with multipurpose story Mall. You can find 28 different cafes around every corner and its beautiful structure and gray & pink granite pathway resemble the pattern of a diamondback rattlesnake make it so attractive and walkable place. Architect I.M. Pei designed it.

Denver Zoo:

Every city has a place for the people who love to see animals at one location, and that is Zoo and Denver also has the best zoo with a lot of animal collections. It is the most famous zoo in the US and it has many lions, tigers, and bears plus other animals, so it got a big attraction for the people who love wildlife. It also contains polar bear, gorilla, and crocodiles, etc.


So you see, above are few places which take Denver to the top of the list of most attractive and beautiful cities.